Welcome to Natural Basics.

If you’re looking to not only reduce the amount of chemicals in your world but also a more natural approach to skin and personal hygiene care, you’ve come to the right place.  We specialise in creating beautiful products that achieve that goal.  Our ingredients are ethically sourced from our local area of Victoria where possible.  We use local 13th Beach Sea Water in our brine soaps.  Our goats milk is direct from the farm gate.  Kelp from Torquay is dried and ground to fine powders to use in our luscious kelp bars.  These are but a few of our products available in our store.  Check it out to see the full range.

All our products are certified palm oil free with Orangutan Alliance and are we are endorsed by Palm Oil Investigations (POI).  You can read up on the fabulous work the team is doing  and see our products listed under POI Approved Brands here: http://www.palmoilinvestigations.org/

Here at Natural Basics, we believe natural is best.

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